This is a rare photo taken from a Demorian scout ship of the vast Krusof armada as it approaches the Demoran homeworld. This move follows the declaration of war by the Krusof six months earlier over a border dispute on ownership of the Borom Cluster.

Krusof Armada

   "The Borom are central to trade in the region. Handing the Borom over to the Krusof with their stringent regime would not only destabilize the region but also displace millions of sentients. It's simply not an option!" states the Demoran Ambassador Helon Krew. Krew goes on to state that every attempt to negotiate with the Krusof over this issue has failed, and that their new enemies have rashly determined that war is the answer, rather than attempting other diplomatic means.

   Critics state that the Demorans noble gesture is a ploy to protect the rich supply of Trigamite the cluster seems to have in abundance. Dr. Wegway from the Institute Of Thought states that the only thing being destabilized is the Demoran economy. Also, the sentients that the Ambassador was most likely referring to are the Krep, whom the Krusof have forged a temporary peace with. "So, it is unlikely that there will be any mass migration."

   General Trun of the Krusof states that his people had claimed the Borom long before the Demora arrived, and that despite their differences they have lived in "relative peace" with one another for hundreds of years. "The Demora have greed in their hearts and have lost their way." he said. "Now they will feel the Wrath of Haden!" (Haden being the Krusof god of war).

   The armada took just six minutes to pass the far moon of Treena and will arrive at the Demoran home world in about three days. Despite having a martial law in place, the government is unable to prevent the mass evacuation from the planet. Authorities have threatened to destroy ships as they leave the homeworld saying that "the multitude of ships on sensors hinders our preparedness for the Krusof." And as for the armada, Ambassador Krew says, "We're ready for 'em!"


   An unprecedented discovery was made by a Jogunian survey team of what looks to be an ancient Paronian mining facility. The discovery was made late last year, but was not confirmed until recently when scientists from the Intergalactic Studies Group were able to view all the data.


   “There is no doubt that this is an authentic find”, states Chief Minister Zukrol, adding “We’re all just ecstatic!” The Paronan Empire existed eons ago and encompassed almost an eighth of the known galaxy. Most modern civilizations, no matter how different, share some cultural relic from the ancient peoples, and more than fifteen species claim to trace their roots directly to the Parona.

   “It is sad to say that war spelt the demise of these fascinating people, and that time has taken from us almost all of their artifacts,” Zukrol states. “It is our hope that this mining facility can shed some light on their culture, on how they lived and what they thought.”

    The best part of this discovery is its location. Most finds have been on deserted planets where weathering has taken its toll. But the mining facility is on a lifeless moon far from their realm and any modern civilization. Walking onto the facility we should find it just as the Parona left it millions of years ago.

   Based on its design it is assumed to be a mining facility of some sort, but that has yet to be verified. A research team will be dispatched early next year to find more answers. “What were they doing so far from home?” asks Zukrof. “What were they mining for on such an inert moon?” Hopefully soon these questions will be answered.


   JinWan authorities were host to some unexpected visitors last week as a large uncategorized vessel approached their borders. The species call themselves Hadorin, and what's so unusual about them is that they don’t claim to have any point of origin. “They seem to be space gypsies of a sort,” states the JinWan Cultural Ambassador Tre Majwell. “I’ve never seen such a unique culture before.”


   A curious feature of the Hadorin is not in their mode of travel as much as the way their civilization has shaped over time. From the historical information they have shared with us, the Hadorin people once evolved on a single planet the same as other species, but as their technology advanced, many left on ships in search of resources. A culture grew where the species became fragmented and local governments became isolated within each large vessel. “In a sense they reverted back to the city-state, with each vessel growing larger and more isolated from the others,” says Aja Moar, the Lead Advisor to the JinWan Cultural Exchange.

   The Hadorin, with their unique dome-shaped vessel, have proven to be peaceful and friendly, and most importantly they are willing to share their information, technology and culture with the JinWan provided the courtesy is returned. “The Hadorin have asked to place their ship in low orbit around one of our outer gas giants so they can siphon elementary particles for processing. The process seems harmless and I am going to endorse it with the government tomorrow,” says Majwell.

   Any cultural exchange will have to happen quickly, however, for the Hadorin and their domed city-ship only plan to be in the system for a few months. "The Hadorin never stay in one place for very long, so we must make the most of this opportunity," says Majwell. After that they will begin their aimless voyage once again.