Thank you for taking the time to enjoy this first issue of Nartopia. We look forward to a future where we will offer many more issues filled with Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and more, and that with each issue we will grow in quality and content. Please visit us on the web and share your thoughts with us. Here is a preview of what to expect in our next issue.


Night has fallen and a humble man finds himself trapped by a malicious beast that wants him dead. His only hope is to fend off its attacks and hold out until morning, but the beast has other plans.


Reign is captured and forced into the sadistic hands of her Nemesis. All looks bleak for our heroine, but she remains confident she will have her vengence, and her stolen cargo.


A single warrior penetrates an evil realm and stands alone against the powerful and sinister Medusa. But how will he succeed where so many have failed before him.